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President's Welcome!

Well, what a great start to 2024! A return to a typical Kiwi Summer, rather than the poor excuse for one that we had last year with all that rain.

And we kicked it off ourselves recently when we had our Official Opening of our new Arena Roof. An absolutely massive shout out to everyone involved in making the event the huge success it was on March 2nd.

Hopefully, everyone who attended enjoyed the day and managed to grab a burger and an ice block at some stage, plus a photo with our special guest, Tom Webster from Grand Designs New Zealand. 

As Term 1 comes to an end we can thankfully say we were able to ride every day because of our arena roof 😊  Whilst the arena roof is, of course, a massive achievement, our continued improvement of facilities for both our riders and our horses doesn't end there. 

Thanks again to everyone for your continued dedication as it is only through the efforts of everyone involved – from riders to volunteers to our staff –  that we can continue to achieve our Vision of ‘Reaching More Riders – Changing More Lives’.

Kind Regards

Tim Lofts, President

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