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Our Committee

North Shore RDA maintains its smooth running through the time and efforts of two Committees - one responsible for Governance and the other for Operations. In this way, our main Committee is able to focus on the vital areas of financial security, future Group development and general governance, whilst the Operations Committee deals with all day-to-day aspects of keeping the Group running smoothly.



President - Tim Lofts

Vice President - Christine Fallas

Treasurer - Lynette Miller

Secretary - Hazel Pitt

Member - Sara Kent

Member - Annette Wilson

Member - Steve Sims

Member - Cyril Anderson

2015-03-31_09_13_18 - Copy.jpg


Chair - Christine Fallas

Coach - Judith Finch

Horse Manager - Kate Doyle

Admin Manager - Philippa Nicholls 

Member - Sue Cammell 

Member - Annette Wilson

Member - Luisa Shanahan

Member - Sara Kent

Member - Lynn Dewar

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