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Introducing Kate Doyle

We are very happy to have found Kate Doyle as our new Horse Manager.  Kate has lived in NZ for almost 5 years, having moved here with her family, husband Chris and her two sons aged 13 and 10. They also have a 25 year old son and their first grandchild in the UK.  
Kate has worked with horses all her life and holds BHS stage 1, 2 and 3 in horse management and care. As she says, "Horses are my passion and life."
She has worked in many aspects of the horse world, some of her most memorable years were at Redwings Horse Sanctuary, which is the UK's largest equine sanctuary, where she helped to look after over 1,200 horses ponies and donkeys.  She took part in rescuing, daily care, learning and working with Kelly Marks, working and running the visitor centres.   
Since being in NZ and not working with horses, she has busied herself fostering over 50 dogs and puppies for the Saving Hope Foundation. She has a dog called Ruby (a Saving Hope rescue) and two donkeys, Stanley and Ollie at home, both aged 20. 
In her spare time, she will most likely be found up to her knees in donkey cuddles and kisses, or going on adventures and exploring NZ with my family and Ruby. They also love spending family time at the beach.
Please give her a huge NSRDA welcome as she settles-in to her new role!

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