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Ros' Story

My passion is loving all animals and horses out in their paddocks have always captured my attention. I have discovered that my grandmother loved and took care of horses as they were her means of transport.

Upon relocating to the Hibiscus Coast, I started seeking voluntary opportunities to work with animals. The North Shore RDA popped up in my search and with a little reading I realised that this deep down is where I wished to be. In my past I had also done minor teacher aide work.

I contacted the Admin Manager who invited me to visit the barn. Once telling her that I had never had any interaction with horses her friendly laugh, professional manner and support was amazing and gave me the confidence I needed as a volunteer. At my induction I was terrified to be so close to these beautiful ponies. The coach told me to lead and weave gentleman Lenny around the barn. Lenny sensed my fear but being the good-natured pony, he led me around instead. I realised that RDA horses are extremely special in every way accepting so many riders, coaches and volunteers every day of each week.

Every week I am so humbled and privileged to spend time with our super courageous riders, our amazing Coach and great Horse Manager. Also, to my friends being all our Wednesday volunteers. Under our coach’s knowledgeable guidance amazing work is being achieved and certainly changing lives. I have also witnessed so much hard work and progress of the gardens, sensory trail and recently the arena cover and commend all persons involved in these huge achievements.

North Shore RDA is love, work, friendship, and joy for all.

Ros Sequeira

Volunteer since 2021

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