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Nathan is a long timer

Nathan has been going to Riding for the Disabled on and off for many years. I still remember the first ride he had on an old horse called Sparky. As he was lifted onto the horse he gave a nervous laugh and looked around anxiously. But by the time he was out the stable door he had a huge grin on his face and had definitely decided this was something he liked. Riding for the Disabled has been a consistent source of joy for Nathan over many years.

While the joy Nathan experiences participating in Riding for the Disabled is beneficial on its own, it is awesome to know that it is also providing therapy for him. Riding a horse gives Nathan a good, long stretch and the motion of a horse walking is similar to a human walking, which provides his core with constant balance challenges he is unable to provide for himself. Over time he has become stronger and straighter on the horse and it has been great to see his confidence with the challenges set up for him around the arena grow.

Nathan enjoys the company of the horses but just as much the volunteers, who have consistently been warm and engaging with him. His weekly visits to Riding for the Disabled have been a tonic in a world too frequently filled with challenging medical and therapeutic demands. We are so grateful for the wonderful community at Riding for the Disabled.

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