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Aidan's Story

Written by Graham (volunteer) I’ve been side-walking with Aidan for a few months now. While Aidan has ridden with the RDA previously and was comfortable enough in getting on the horse and sitting properly, he was still needing to build confidence with the new people around him and in understanding and working on the new things we asked of him. His progress has been great - learning how to ride on a saddle, hold the reins, ride backwards, throwing and catching brilliantly while in motion and also communicating to us what he would like to do.

Recently, Judith decided to try to get Aidan to learn how to steer Indi. We both took a hand each and began by moving the relevant hand when needed through a slalom before Judith then went out to the front of Indi and signalled to Aidan which hand he should steer with and when. He got it! Paree and I (and Judith) were delighted, and Judith said that she was really proud of Aidan. It was a beautiful moment and amazing to see yet more progress. High fives and handshakes from Aidan all round. It’s one reason why I go home with a big smile on my face.

I like to feedback to Aidan’s Mum at the end of the ride in case she might have missed these moments and it’s great to see how pleased she is too…before they go out for the weekly lunch of chicken nuggets and chips for Aidan to celebrate a job well done.

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