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Horse News!

Our Horses are the life blood of our service and we continually manage our herd to ensure the well-being of our horses.  

Recently two of our loved horses have marked the end of their NSRDA careers with retirement and headed off to wonderful homes.

Cruise – has gone to his retirement home with one of our longstanding volunteers. He is settling in well and enjoying his new life.

Texas – has now retired to her final home in Makerau.  She is living with another retired horse and is very happy.

Ace – was on trial and not suited to RDA but he made a lovely connection with his new rider and has gone to a new home in Kumeu.

We have been fortunate to add four new horses to the herd over the last few months.

Eeyore – Is a very cute 12.2hh dappled grey pony who loves to eat anything and roll in the mud.  He has fitted in very well and is now being used on rides every day.

Charlie – Is settling into the programme wonderfully and is becoming a reliable firm favourite with everybody with his fun nature. Charlie is doing well as he becomes accustomed to some of the equipment our riders bring with them, wheelchairs, crutches etc.

Mellow – Is also settling in well and it is a delight to have his calm nature which give his riders extra confidence. His manners are impeccable, and the volunteers are enjoying handling him. 

Cruise 2 - is very happy with his new friends that he is making in the paddock. He has done very well to quickly get used to the new tack that we use at RDA, soft handles etc. A happy cheeky chap.

Abby – we are currently trialling Abby, a bay Kaimanawa mare to see if she will be suitable for our programme.

Check out our horses in the photos below

Kate Doyle, Horse Manager

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