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Strategic Planning at NSRDA

We concluded the 5th year of our last plan in 2023 and held an off-site strategy session with our staff, key volunteers and members of the Governance Committee and Charitable Trust.  

The session was led by Sarah Haydon who has a long association with Riding for the Disabled in NZ, as well as considerable corporate board level experience.  

To start we reviewed our previous Five year plan performance and agreed the Group has made major strides in the provision of improved facilities including

  • Volunteers Car Parking

  • Sensory Trail

  • Mounting Ramp

  • Covered Arena Roof (a massive project)

  • Tractor Shed and Hay Storage

After open discussion and brainstorming we agreed that lifting the quality of the service we provide, increasing our income and reaching more riders were the over-arching goals.  

As we reach for these, we will strive to achieve the Gold Standard for NSRDA.  To achieve this we identified the following primary elements to focus on.

  • Sustainable financial security based on corporate sponsorships and grants.   

  • Programme structure and delivery

  • Maximise use of our facilities

  • Our people and succession planning

  • Business as usual 

We invite anyone interested in volunteering, contributing to our governance or offering a regular sponsorship to contact us at  

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