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Introducing Eddie & Boxer!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the addition of two horses to our team.  Eddie and Boxer come to us from the stables of Judith, our Coach. Boxer is a little black pony and Eddie is a Palomino


Boxer is a big pony in a small package. He has interesting parents, being half Shetland and half Clydesdale, is 21 years young and was born on Boxing day, hence the name. (Not because he is a thug, although at times that would be appropriate too) Boxer has been a valued member of my riding school for the past 4 years and is quite the character. He is known to throw his feed bucket at you, if he thinks he is not getting the attention his cuteness deserves, and can smell a treat from a mile away. If Boxer wants to go somewhere, he can be quite determined, so leaders need to have their heads in the game. You may notice that Boxer wears a red ribbon on his tail. This is just to remind everyone that he values his personal space.

I’m quite sure that he will be a favourite with riders and volunteers alike.


Eddie the gorgeous Palomino looks just like our other Palamino, Texas.  Measuring about 14.2 hands (and 18 hands long!!) and aged in his early 20’s, Eddie originates from the hills of East cape, a genuine New Zealand bush pony. He is well known and loved by north shore riders, being a long time member of Rosedale pony club before I was lucky enough to meet him about 6 years ago. Another big horse with short legs, Eddie the kindest, try hard, horse you will ever meet, and my personal choice for an equine partner, anytime I have the chance to ride.. He loves an adventure through the forest, and especially loves a swim at the beach. He is a very responsive to the rider and can be quite forward moving, so if you want to increase your step count for the day, ask to side walk with Eddie!
Eddie is loving all the attention he is receiving here at NSRDA. He will bat his long eyelashes at you, loves to give licky kisses, and is also partial to scratches and treats.


Judith Finch, Coach

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