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Our new Tractor Shed

You may recall from our last newsletter that an old and rusting shipping container houses one of our most valuable assets – our tractor!

The good news is we have made good progress on a replacement.  We have agreed on the precise location of the new structure and have a detailed site plan.

The shed and supplier have been selected, colour decided and our order placed.  The new shed will look similar to the one in the the picture below.


However due to the supply chain difficulties being experienced by the entire building industry we are not able to confirm a build date just yet.

Old Tractor shed.jpg

The first stage, though, will be the removal of the existing rusty old container and pouring of a concrete pad during school Term Four. 

If you would like to help us with a donation toward this and other projects please contact us or donate here

Our new mounting ramp

It is essential for our riders and volunteers that riders can safely mount and dismount our horses and a critical part of this process is the platform we use for this.  Our current mounting platform is about to get a massive upgrade to considerably improve our capabilities.  
Thanks to generous donations from Bloom Living and Kalmar Construction, we are in the process of having this built for installation over the next school holidays

New Tractor shed.jpg
Mounting ramp.png
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