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President's Welcome!

In the well-known words of the ditty: “Spring is sprung – the grass is riz…” and you’ll see how we have brought that into our riding programmes when you read our Coach, Judith’s, section later in this edition.
It’s certainly great to have Winter behind us now, with its uncertainty as to whether we will be able to ride on any given day – the main driver behind our plan to build a cover for our arena so we don’t need to cancel in bad weather.

Our next project will be a little more modest, but no less needed and that’s a replacement Mounting Ramp for our riders. With two different height platforms, it will mean that we can more closely match the mounting height to that of the horse, making the whole process safer and easier for both the rider and our volunteers.I’ll close with a plea. We are in great need of additional horses to join our herd of 4-legged therapists, so if you know of anyone with a likely mount then please get in touch with our Horse Manager, Teigen, via email to or call our office on 09 426 8110 


We hope you enjoy this update!

Tim Lofts

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