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Introducing Phoenix!

As a Kaimanawa, Phoenix was born into the wild in the Kaimanawa Ranges and mustered as a six-year-old in 2014. 
With his previous owner he competed in front of thousands of people at the Horse of the Year night show in 2015 and was part of the Kaimanawa Heritage Horses Stallion Makeover. 
The Stallion Makeover challenge was designed to showcase the versatility of Kaimanawas and draw attention to their potential as trained mounts. At the event, horse and rider teams compete in preliminary classes and the highest placing horses are chosen to compete in the finals. 
It gives the public an opportunity to see the results of wild horses becoming trained mounts. 

Phoenix came to North Shore RDA in May 2015 as a 14 hands 7-year-old and is now an integral part of our team! 
Phoenix is full of character and is very cheeky. He is very food motivated, clever and is a favourite amongst many of our riders and volunteers.

Pheonix 2.jpg
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