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Dawson's Story

The following observations are from his physiotherapist Margo.

It is a lovely opportunity for Dawson to develop core stability with the action of his pelvis when he is on the pony. This mimics the dynamic action of walking as he uses the muscles in his pelvis as the pony moves under him.

He is also developing the base of support for his pelvis as he reaches forwards, backward and from side to side which also gives him confidence and reinforces the belief that he can do these activities successfully.

Dawson is similarly using his adductor muscles which are currently tight and weak. By riding the pony, his muscles are stretching and relaxing with how he sits on the pony in addition to the warmth of the pony as he sits astride.

Most importantly is the enjoyment he gains from riding which in turn greatly helps with his ability to learn quickly and get huge benefits from doing the activities.

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