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We are looking for Sponsors

NSRDA delivers therapeutic riding for people experiencing difficulty in life through a range of physical, mental or emotional challenges.

Increasing competition for grants and other funding has created increased financial pressure for us to maintain our facilities and quality of services and we are looking for sponsors willing to contribute toward our operational costs.  

We offer multiple Sponsorship opportunities from those targeted at businesses, as well as for families and friends of NSRDA.  Horses and Riders can also be sponsored.

Sponsors enjoy many philanthropic benefits, including signage, naming rights, plus hosted visits to our premises to experience our riding programmes first hand and meet our volunteers, horses and riders.

We will celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2025 and the celebrations of this will be a great opportunity to showcase our Sponsors.

Based in Stillwater/Silverdale on land covering an area of 17 acres, we have only 3 employees and are largely supported by over 60 local volunteers who give very generously of their time to provide a fun and safe environment for riders who come to their therapeutic sessions each week.


Our wonderful staff and volunteers organise and support every aspect of the riding sessions, help to maintain the buildings and land and manage the health of the horses.  

We do not receive any government funding, but rely totally on grants, donations from the public and riding fees.


If you or your business would like to talk about the opportunity to sponsor, please contact Tim Lofts, President of North Shore RDA at

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