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An interview with Louie 

Louie is a 22-year-old rider who has been coming to North Shore Riding for the Disabled off and on for the past five years. We asked Louie’s Mum some questions about Louie and North Shore RDA.

Q1. What do you think Louie enjoys most about RDA?
The total enjoyment of being 1-1 with his horse and interacting with the incredible team of volunteers.


Q2. What benefits have you seen Louie gain by coming to RDA? Benefits for you too?

His total trust and confidence he has when riding. His core strength has improved immensely definitely become stronger in his legs and his overall stability. Best 45mins of the week watching the joy it brings!

Q3. What would you tell a new rider/parent unsure about starting RDA?
Start straight away if your child gets the opportunity to ride at RDA, they'll never look back.  There are so many amazing benefits for every child and parent, just seeing the joy on their faces. Louie's been going to RDA since he was 6 years old in New Plymouth and he's almost 23 now.


Q4. Are there any aspects of RDA that Louie finds challenging?

He loves coming along to RDA, no matter what mood he shows up with, he'll always leaves happy and smiling... it’s a battle getting him in the car to leave!

Q5. Is there anything more you’d like to see at RDA or things that could be improved?

The whole team work incredibly well to make each ride individually suited to the child's needs, horse choice and suitable volunteers, equipment, use of saddles and reins.

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