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Mel's Story

My commitment to Riding for the Disabled is reinforced every time I step through the gates of North Shore Group, where I volunteer. Here you will see the very best of human nature. You will see smiles and laughter shared. The joy of succeeding when milestones are reached. You will see bravery, strength, courage and perseverance exhibited by our riders. You will see victories large and small.

You may catch a glimpse of tears; tears of joy when a parent or caregiver is caught off guard, overwhelmed at a rider’s triumph.

You will see a tireless dedication from my colleagues and our precious ponies patiently providing much-needed therapy to our riders. The therapy provided by Riding for the Disabled is invaluable.

The progress made by our riders is truly measurable and the lives that are enhanced are priceless.

Mel Kerr

Past NZRDA Ambassador and North Shore RDA Volunteer

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