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Angel is amazing

Angel is a 13-year-old Northcross Intermediate student with Cerebral Palsy. She very capably navigates her way in this world with two walking sticks. (these are her own words and from our observations)

“I love coming to riding and think about it all week. It gives me something to look forward to. Judith (the coach) makes it fun with all the different activities.”

Angel is so appreciative of her experience at riding, and she always thanks the horse and volunteers. She never takes her riding for granted or has a sense of entitlement as teenagers often do.

It has increased her balance and her confidence as well as her self esteem. It is wonderful to see her up on the horse as it puts her literally on the same level as her peers and allows her to not be left behind as she can go at the same speed and complete the same activities as them.

From a physiotherapy point of view, riding gives Angel the opportunity to use and strengthen her back muscles to sit up straight. This is very beneficial as she is often leaning forward as she goes about her daily life using her walking sticks to get around.

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