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Horses needed!

In our annual survey response to NZ Riding for the Disabled we were asked to identify the critical issues that could threaten North Shore Riding for the Disabled’s sustainability.


Our response was lack of horses!

We have enough horses to meet the rides we currently provide, however we have riders on waiting lists and our horses are getting older and need to be rested to protect their health. 

It’s essential we acquire more horses to increase our ability to Reach more Riders and Change more Lives!

Please let us know if you know of any horses that may be suitable.  Our Horse committee have a well-defined process for assessing candidate horses so even if you’re not sure, make contact so we can discuss the potential.   We’re looking for horses between 13.2-16hh, approx. between 10-18 years old (flexible for the right horse), calm temperament, sound, preferably in Auckland but we will definitely travel for the right horse.  Please contact our Day Co-ordinator Philippa at to discuss.        

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